Monday, 3 June 2013

Car Booting 3 – Barleylands Farm & Thorndon

Third entry in my car boot sale adventure and I was in high hopes at the start of the day. First of all, this was the first time I was going on a Bank Holiday and one would think that a lot of sellers would be free to sell. The other is that I woke up extremely early in an attempt to arrive at 7:30, when the website said the event was going to start at Barleylands Farm in Billericay. When going through the gate, I didn’t see many cars in the car park so my optimism rose. But when I edged further, rest of the field was not as packed as I expected. The problem here was a lot of vendors were still arriving from 7:30, even though the website states sellers should arrive at 6.30. Only a handful of sellers were ready and in terms of games, zilch.

In terms of games, one guy was selling PSP games (mostly sport games) and UMD movies for £4 each, not the best of deals. And in consoles, there was a blue Wii but the seller wanted £50, ‘ain’t gonna happen!’ The only items I purchased was a Gameboy Advance storage box for 50p, a Super Mario 3 CD case for a pound and the wires for a Xbox 360 console for £2.

Was only there for half an hour and I had to make a choice on whether to wait for the new sellers to put up shop or go to another car boot sale. I chose the latter because the new sellers were coming in very slowly and thought I may have a bit more luck in the Thorndon Car Boot which was down the road. Went there and it was even worse. The only item worth mentioning was a Playstaion with a few games and this device to attach at the back of the console to make it play DVDs. In total it would have been £15 but since I have the console and the games, I got the device for a couple of quid.

A pretty disappointing day as it goes but you’re not always going to find a gem when you go to a car boot sale. It is hit and miss when you go but when you hit, it is bloody good. 

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